GTA 6: Leaks and rumors at a glance

Fans have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 for years. New information about the open world game is constantly coming to light. We collect leaks and rumors in a clear summary.

More than eight years have passed since the release of the last part of the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 5. The multiplayer offshoot GTA Online is still actively maintained by the developer Rockstar, but fans of the single player titles have had to wait a long time for new supplies – namely Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6)!

In the following, we collect rumors and leaks that should provide answers to the most important questions about GTA 6. This includes, for example, when and on which platforms Grand Theft Auto 6 will appear, where the title will play and which characters we will control in the sequel.

Note: Even if many of the leaks sound quite believable, we would like to point out again at this point that the following information is only rumor and not official information from Rockstar Games or Take 2 Interactive.

Is GTA 6 in development?

Short answer: yes!

In a little more detail, it can be said that there is no official announcement about the development of GTA 6 from Rockstar. However, job advertisements of the company, the leaks listed here and statements from Rockstar employees (e.g. to ” Kotaku “) indicate with an almost 100 percent probability the development of the next Grand Theft Auto part.

When will GTA 6 be released?

An official statement is currently still missing for the start of GTA 6. In the past few months there have been very different information from insiders about the release of the open-world game. These ranged from very close releases, some of which are now even in the past, to dates that are far away, such as 2024.

A current leak, which attracted some attention due to the amount of information contained, names October 2023 as the planned release. Accordingly, the game should also be announced in the course of the coming year.

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For which platforms will GTA 6 appear?

A game of the importance of a GTA will appear on current consoles and the PC, so our guess. This is also supported by the leak linked above, which mentions both a PC and a console version. However, PC gamers would have to be patient for a longer period of time because their version would only appear at a later date.

Since rumors about a time exclusivity for the PS5 were also in the room in the past, Xbox owners could also have to wait a little longer.

We are sure that GTA 6 will be released alongside PC for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series. How it looks with versions for the previous models PS4 and Xbox One is unclear. A switch version is also still in the stars.

Where is GTA 6 set?

In the past, a number of locations had emerged as a possible backdrop for GTA 6. There were rumors about a return to Vice City, a fictional variant of Miami. An expansion to the entire area of ​​Florida and a detour to Liberty City was also up for debate.

Another option that was often mentioned was to act outside the US. Accordingly, GTA 6 would play in South or Central America, for example in the Colombian capital Bogotá.

The recently published rumors now also list Vice City again. However, since the game should be divided into several episodes similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, changes in time and location would not be a big surprise.

GTA 6 should extend over several decades. Some of the chapters are said to be from the late seventies. In addition, we expect a detour into the present.

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Who do you play in GTA 6?

The rumors are spreading among the protagonists of GTA 6. A slightly older leak reported a total of four playable characters: the driver Walther Wallace, a nameless former Israeli soldier, the smuggler Thomas Branigan with his own plane and Marcus Burke, a single father and drug dealer.

At the beginning of 2021, an insider wanted to know that in GTA 6, for the first time in the history of the series, you will also be able to control a female character. A novelty for the series apart from the multiplayer offshoot GTA Online.

According to the giant leak mentioned above, there is supposed to be a male protagonist around 34 years old.

All of this information does not necessarily have to contradict one another. The as-yet nameless character could also be a soldier. And the 34-year-old protagonist does not represent a knockout criterion for any of the three characters already mentioned.

How much game time does GTA 6 bring?

As previous leaks suggest, the GTA 6 campaign including some sideline activities will lead to an average game duration of around 60 hours.

However, open-world titles such as the Grand Theft Auto series are predestined to provide hours of fun even after the story is over.

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Are there trailers for GTA 6?

There is currently no published trailer material for GTA 6. However, Rockstar seems to be working harder to produce at least one of these.

Several of the company’s vacancies, which have now been closed, were specifically looking for people with experience in recording cinematic gameplay recordings. Exactly this knowledge is necessary for the creation of TV and online spots.

What innovations does GTA 6 bring?

In addition to better graphics and a more detailed world, GTA 6 will probably offer a few other innovations to do justice to the name of the game series.

One of these innovations should be more intelligent NPCs. The company filed a patent with the US patent office USPTO, through which the characters, supported by artificial intelligence, are supposed to fit into the existing world more organically and smarter and then, for example, can react better to weather influences.

In addition to the plot, which will probably deal with the smuggling of drugs and the mafia, there should also be various sideline activities. For example, windsurfing or roller derby would be found in the game as sporting leisure activities. In addition, vehicles in the next GTA title should be able to be customized to a much greater extent.

One assumption that keeps coming up in the GTA community is that GTA 6 might not be a purely single-player game. Instead, the single-player story would be seamlessly integrated into an online environment like GTA Online. This would enable a smooth change between story and multiplayer. Previous leaks do not match this assumption, however.

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