Android: Activate night mode – here’s how

Would you like to know how to activate night mode on your Android smartphone? We’ll explain how to do it.

Blue display light can prevent you from resting in the evening. To the eyes it looks as if it is still daylight. To prevent this effect, you can activate night mode in Android. The blue light is then filtered out of the display light, user interfaces have a slight orange tinge, and the eyes are relieved. This is supposed to make you sleep faster and better. To filter out the blue light on the screen, you can use your own function in the quick access bar in newer Android versions. If the function is not yet available on your smartphone or if you would like to have more setting options, you can also use an app to set your mobile phone to night mode.

Activate night mode in Android

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the brief instructions.

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